We’re backing up our services with cold, hard facts about cryotherapy and the medical benefits of our cryotherapy treatments. With more and more people turning to cryotherapy to help them in their everyday lives with; anti-aging, beauty, athletic recovery and health & wellness, Dr. Freeze our in-house cryotherapy doctor has been busy gathering evidence to support our treatments!

Weight Loss

Cryotherapy: An Emerging Weight Management Option

Obesity is considered to be a serious global health crisis associated with different comorbidities affecting various organ systems as manifested by certain health conditions such as obstructive sleep apnea, malignancies, coronary artery disease and metabolic problems. Hence, wide range of treatment options to manage weight are being utilized to address this issue.These include lifestyle modification, exercise programs and anti-obesity medications (Hamdy, Uwaifo, & Oral, 2016).


Contribution of Cryogenically Cooled Air on Wellness

Cold therapy is probably one of the oldest treatment modalities. Regular application of cold material on painful or inflamed parts of the body improves symptoms by alleviating pain by decreasing blood flow to the inflamed organ or body part, thereby decreasing sensation. Controlled local application of ice packs is an ordinary treatment in modern rheumatology. Application of coldness on almost the whole body has been used for centuries through a widely present practice of cold ...


Effects of Cryotherapy on Body Performance

The use of cold therapy to relieve pain and inflammation associated with sports injuries and overuse has been practiced for centuries in different parts of the world. However, in the year 1981, Yamauchi et al. introduced a form of whole body cold-exposure, also referred to as wholebody cryotherapy(WBC), that aims to treat rheumatic diseases. With WBC’s noteworthy benefits, it gradually becomes an accepted practice in some parts of the world, not only to facilitate recovery amo...