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Cryo Full Body (WBCT) Chamber



When the right cryotherapy equipment is used, the science of subjecting the entire human body to extreme cold temperatures to stimulate the healing of its circutory, nervous, and energy systems is a powerful remedial technology.

According to scientific and medical research, the optimum efficiency of whole body cryotherapy procedures, is achieved once the body is exposed to temperatures between -120°C and -150°C, reducing the skin's surface temperature to approximately 50°C.

These non-invasive, short, and extremely cold bursts of air projected to the human body evoke physiological reactions that prompt healing and recovery in numberous fields, including beautification treatments, sports injuries rehabilitation, and medical functions. Additionally, the controlled cold environment has been proven to trigger an analgesic reaction in the neural mind leading to positive mood states and thus acting as an antidepressant and sleep disorders repairer.

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We will provide you with a comforatable and warm white robe, protective socks, mittens, slippers, and disposable underwear for the treatment.

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Medical Studies

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Cryo Medical Studies on Wellness

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